Begin Yoga

Begin Yoga

Start Tuesday 26 July 2022
One class a week for five consecutive weeks.
Enrolment includes 3 passes to use at classes of your choice
Investment $149

Have you been thinking about starting yoga for awhile but unsure where to go? What to do? What to wear?? Maybe you’ve only been to a class or two and still not comfortable in a general class? Or you haven’t practiced in such a long time that you forget the moves?

With us you can relax, knowing that you will be welcomed and supported over our five weeks together.

What you’ll learn

In our Begin Yoga course, we will guide you through five weeks of foundational yoga postures. We start at the very beginning with sun salutations and continue on to learn standing, balance and seated postures.

After these five weeks, you can use your three class passes to bring together your learnings and experience the different types of classes we have available at Mala – Hatha, Yin and 6am Morning Yoga Immersion.  (Your class passes expire 4 weeks after you finish your course).

After finishing our course, you’ll be able to move with confidence in any of our regular classes! Knowing that we will continue to nurture and support your practice as we move forward together.

The benefits of yoga

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga – physical, mental and emotional. Some that you may experience after starting your practice may be:

✧ Deeper and more conscious breathing

✧ Improved digestion through massage of internal organs

✧ Healthy, sustainable levels of energy

✧ Empowering the body to optimise it’s natural healing ability

✧ Improved self awareness and connection to your true self

✧ Learning to trusting your instincts

✧ Enhanced relationships through increased tolerance, awareness and connection

✧ Clarity of thought and mental wellbeing

✧ Emotional balance, better management of stress

✧ Improved sleep and deeper relaxation

✧ Increased ease of physical movement, mobility, strength and flexibility

The specifics!

Throughout our five week journey together, these benefits will be revealed by learning:

✧ Asana (physical postures) – sun salutations and foundational standing, balance, seated and inverted postures

✧ Mindful breathing and pranayama

✧ Relaxation

✧ Meditation

See our live schedule below for the next start dates.

We can’t wait to share your yoga journey!


Nick and Jaccy