Energetic and Chakra Balance Masterclass

Energetic and Chakra Balance Masterclass

Saturday 20 March @ 10am

Would you like to reconnect with your inner self and that place of true peace and relaxation? Learn practical movements and techniques to facilitate peace and joy in your life?

In this interactive class, you’ll learn yoga asana (postures), meditation and breathing practices and essential oil techniques to:

✧ soothe, soften and balance your energetic being
✧ experience full-body integration
✧ connect to your intuition

Class will begin with practicing yoga postures connected to each of your seven chakras.

You’ll be guided through meditation and breathing practices, focusing on cleansing and balancing your energetic and nervous systems.

You’ll learn about essential oils that can help support your energetic being and how to pair these with your yoga/meditation practice.

The word chakra is derived from Sanskrit and literally means wheel of spinning energy. You have seven main chakras in your body, starting at your perineum and running along your spine to the crown of your head. Each of these chakras can influence your psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and you can use movement, breath and essential oil practices to feel vibrant and nourished.

Bookings are essential for this Masterclass! Class is open to students of all levels, including beginners.

Investment is $25, class will be 90 minutes duration.

Enrolment is included for our Mala Members (please email us to secure your place).

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