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  • Explore Natural Wellness - Introduction to Essential Oils Sunday 17 June 2018 @ 11am

    It is always a special experience to share and receive the gifts from nature that essential oils are. Join us for a complimentary one hour class to explore the practical application of pure essential oils and how to incorporate these into your home, family wellbeing and everyday life.

    Learn how to use essential oils daily to support restful sleep, soothe an upset tummy, help muscular aches and pains and more.

    This workshop will be beneficial if you are already using the oils or if you are interested in taking the first step into this world!

    RSVPs are essential to secure your place! Friends and family are also more than welcome to join us too.

    Looking forward to seeing you there 😊

  • Blindfold Yoga Next date to be announced

    Throughout the year, many of us feel overwhelmed by our to-do lists and work, family and other life commitments. Join Rami to immerse yourself in Blindfold Yoga, a practice which encourages you to find your centre and nurture your equanimity.

    In yoga philosophy, Pratyahara – most commonly translated as removal of the senses – is a practice of shifting the minds’ attention from the external world around us, to the internal focus, subsequently moving us into concentration and then meditation. It is the fifth element along the eight stages of yoga as set out by the ancient Yogi, Patanjali, who composed the Yoga Sutras in the 2nd century BCE.

    Practicing yoga with your eyes blindfolded has a huge impact on the rest of your senses. Your balance will be challenged with the removal of visual references, while the rest of your senses become heightened and more refined. The present moment will be magnified as you attune yourself to the breath; feeling and hearing the sensations of your body moving. A new internal awareness of physical alignment within the postures will present itself. A renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation will reveal itself, allowing you to enjoy the simplicity and beautify of light, movement and action.

    This class includes asana with hands on adjustments and will flow from the physical practice into pranayama and then meditation.

    Please note that this class is not suitable for beginners, a minimum 6 months established, weekly yoga practice is required.

    Investment is $35, MalaMember discount applies.

  • Yin Yoga and Sound Immersion Next date to be announced

    Experience deep calm and relaxation as we combine the introspective practice of Yin Yoga with the healing vibrations of sound from Somatonal.

    During  this nurturing class we will incorporate yin asana suitable for all levels with the subtle healing energies of sound massage.  Deepen your feelings of peace as we finish our practice immersed in the vibrations of sacred healing instruments.

    Investment is $35, MalaMember discount applies.

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