Morning Yoga Immersion

Morning Yoga Immersion 

Start your days relaxed, joyful and calm

Are you ready to create space in your day that’s just for you?  Would you like to join a community of like-minded, supportive people to practice and enjoy yoga with?  

Would you like to feel calmer, more relaxed, more flexible?  Are you ready to reduce the stress and tension that builds up over your days/weeks/months?

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, then you will love our Morning Yoga Immersion!

Our yoga is all about helping you to feel good!  Feel your best both inside and out.  By taking time to be quiet, breathe and move your body, you will create an inner connection of peace and calm.  You’ll find strength and flexibility of body and mind, and start each day with vibrancy and energy.

What exactly is the Morning Yoga Immersion?

Our Morning Yoga Immersion classes are 6am to 7am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our classes run every week without a gap, giving you the opportunity to commit to a continuous morning practice.

Your practice will focus on finding space, strength and length in all the right places as you move towards that fortnight’s peak pose.

You can attend as many 6am classes as you like – they’re open for single class enrolment too! We’ll be here for you, to guide and motivate you through energising, joyful yoga.

We are here to provide support, community and inspiration when you make the choice to commit to yourself.

Here are a few things you can expect from the Morning Yoga Immersion

– A supportive, happy community

– Knowledgable, nurturing teachers

– Warm, friendly environment

– Space for your self

– A place of acceptance and kindness

– Create healthy, sustainable levels of energy

– Clarity of thought and mental wellbeing

– Emotional balance, better management of stress

– Improved sleep and deeper relaxation

– Increased ease of physical movement, mobility, strength and flexibility

– Improved physical, mental and emotional health

– Empower the body to optimise it’s natural healing ability

– Improved self awareness and connection to your true self

– Learning to trust your instincts

– Enhanced relationships through increased tolerance, awareness and connection

Who is this for?

The Morning Yoga Immersion is for you if you’re ready to feel great inside and out. If you’re ready to make yoga a part of your life. If you’re looking for a place that is inclusive, friendly and accommodating.

When, where and time

Your Immersion classes are on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (check our live Class Menu for any change due to public holidays etc).

Classes are 6.00am to 7.00am.

All weekday classes are at our studio at Unit 8 / 2 Keegan Street, O’Connor (click here for location details).

Mala Member

Access to everything!

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Your Mala Membership provides access to all of the classes on our menu, including the Morning Yoga Immersion.

$144 per calendar month.

Other studio passes

Single, Block of 5 or 10

All* of our class passes are valid to use at the Morning Yoga Immersion classes .

Various prices.

*Intro offer not valid at the 6am classes

What happens next

When you click on one of the “Sign Me Up” buttons above to enrol, you’ll be redirected to our MindBody site.  Here you can login to your account or create a new account to finalise your purchase.  Please note you will need to stay on the web browser version of the site as unfortunately the MindBody app is unable to process memberships at this stage.

Once you’ve secured your membership/pass, you’ll need to head to the Class Menu here or the MindBody app to book in for each individual class you’d like to attend.

Please note that purchase of your membership does not automatically enrol you into the Immersion classes.

If it’s your first class with us, it’s a great idea to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to finalise registration. For all subsequent classes, you can arrive 5 minutes before start time to set up and get settled for class.

What our community is saying

And in case you need a little more inspiration to join us…

Oh my lordy, the Immersion class this morning was incredible!!! I felt amazing after it, looking forward to tomorrow morning’s class with you 😊 – MM

Welcoming, warm and friendly studio, these guys are fab! Love practising yoga with Mala Yoga Freo. – RD

I just wanted to say that the two week Immersion was (despite me missing half of it due to being sick) great – I had a very zen couple of weeks and I’m sure the mix of yoga and taking time off when sick were probably the reasons behind it. – SM


We can’t wait to share our Morning Yoga Immersion with you!

Nick and Jaccy xx

Good to know

We’re a boutique studio so only have limited spots available at our Immersion.  Bookings are essential for all classes.  If you experience any technical difficulties booking your place, please call us on ‭0459 151 599‬.

Please note that unfortunately we do not offer refunds or transfer of payment to other classes, dates or students.  All classes have a three hour cancellation policy.  You can find details of our policies here.


Where is parking available?

Our near neighbours Fremantle Spirit Company are on the corner of Garling and Keegan Streets, we’re on the same side of the street.  You’ll see our signage just after the corner.

Car parking:  There are a few car parking spaces available at the back of our property.   For your first class it’s a good idea to park on the street so you can check out the parking arrangements (reverse parking only) 😊  Street parking is free and untimed on Keegan Street.

Scooter/motorbike parking:  You can leave your scooter/bike parked against the wall in front of  where the cars park.

Bike parking:  Bring your bike inside through the front door to park!  No lock required 😊

What style of yoga are the classes?

You will be guided through a dynamic Hatha yoga practice, energising and heating the body. Classes are suitable for all levels of student.

What days does the Immersion run?

Classes are 6am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

Can I enrol if I’m a Mala Member?

Access to the 6am classes are included for our Mala Members!  Online bookings to confirm your place are essential.

Can I join just one class?

Of course!  You are very welcome to join a single class without signing up for a membership.  All of our pricing options can be found here.

What happens if I can’t attend every morning?

The idea of our Immersion is for you to attend as many classes as you feel comfortable to.  The Immersion is about learning to listen to your body and knowing when you need to take rest days.

I don’t have any equipment - can I borrow a mat?

Mat hire is included in your enrolment.  We also have all the props you’ll need for your practice (bolsters, blocks and straps).  Please BYO eye pillow and blanket.

I don’t think I’m fit enough for yoga!

The best part about yoga is you are encouraged to actively rest when you need to.  Most people rest in child’s pose when they need a break during class.  As your fitness grows, you’ll find that you can go deeper and longer into poses.  Remember yoga is all about the journey, not the destination!  

Our vision has always been to create a space where students are respected and accepted exactly as they are. Your own range of motion, whatever that is today, is all you need to start benefitting from yoga with us.

Can I still join if I can’t touch my toes/I’m not flexible enough?

For many of us, being inflexible is the very reason we start yoga! To help our bodies feel freer, so we can move with ease and feel tall, strong and energised.  Touching toes or any other measures are not a requirement for starting yoga with us!

Your yoga is completely different to the student that is standing next to you, and that’s what makes it such a beautiful, individual experience.

Is this a beginners course?

The short answer is no, this is not specifically designed for beginners.  You might be interested in our Begin Yoga course if you’d like to learn the fundamentals of yoga.

If you’re new or fairly new to yoga, and would love to practice in the mornings, you are still welcome to join us.  All classes are completely guided to tell you what to do next and you’ll be completely supported.  Being an adventurous beginner will help you get the most from jumping straight into our general classes!  It’s important to know that the first few classes can be a little daunting.  You will quickly get used to the rhythm and be amazed at how soon you become comfortable practicing yoga.

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