Morning Yoga Immersion

Morning Yoga Immersion 

How to be relaxed, happier and calmer in 14 days

Start Monday 22 July 2019

You know how yoga makes you feel. Time just for you. No work, no kids, no deadlines. You and your breath, flowing together as you wring out the stress and tension that builds up over the day. Time to be quiet, relax, connect. To move your body, strengthen your muscles, gain flexibility of body and mind.

And then you decide.

I used to love my weekly class too.  When I made the decision to commit to myself and increase my practice to three, four then five days per week, the impact on my life was phenomenal.

I felt calmer. I felt like I could handle the ups and downs of life. I was able to respond instead of react. I started to make decisions instead of having decisions made for me.

Life seemed to full of more ease, more joy, more fun.

But it wasn’t that life had changed. It was me. My practice was helping me to become the person I wanted to be. And I feel amazing!

Mornings are for yoga!

To be honest, I’ve never been an up before the sun yogi. I like my sleep in (who doesn’t?!). I also like having a framework within which I can balance my desire to start my days with practice, and then enjoying my rest guilt free.

Which is why we created our Morning Yoga Immersion. For 14 days you can focus on your practice – attending as few or as many classes as you like. We’ll be here for you, to guide and motivate you through energising, flowing yoga.

And then rest! A week for you to absorb your practice.  Enjoy mornings with your family or starting the day in nature with a walk or at the beach.  

And we continue on the path

And as happens in life, the cycle begins again. Creating healthy habits, reinvigorating your practice and life.  After your week of rest, you come back to your morning practice.

We are here to provide support, community and inspiration when you make the choice to commit to yourself.

Join us!

Your two week Immersion starts at 6.00am on Monday 22 July.

Morning Immersion

14 days of morning classes

Your enrolment includes all 6am classes Monday to Friday from the first day of the Morning Yoga Immersion enrolment plus any of the weekend classes.

$100 per enrolment.

Mala Member

Access to everything!

Popular option
Your Mala Membership provides access to all of the classes on our menu, including the Morning Yoga Immersion.

$144 per calendar month.

Monthly Inclusive

Access to everything for four weeks

Get access to all of the classes on our menu for a month.
Includes one enrolment of the Morning Yoga Immersion.

$180 – valid for four weeks.

The details

Classes are Monday to Friday, 6.00am to 7.00am

Your Immersion runs from Monday 22 July to Sunday 4 August inclusive

Your teacher will guide you through a dynamic yoga practice, energising and heating the body

Classes are either Hatha Flow or Hatha

Classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings are included, or can be well earned rest days

Your investment for two weeks of yoga is $100.  If you have a current pass (Block of Five or Ten, Monthly Inclusive), this will be suspended and reactivated once you have completed your Immersion.

Enrolment is included for our Mala Members!  Online bookings to confirm your place are essential.


We can’t wait to share our Morning Yoga Immersion with you!

Nick and Jaccy xx

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