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A mindful, considered practice that links breath to postures in a moving meditation. Suitable for all levels, including beginner students.


A led class, your teacher will lead you through the primary series, offering new postures and enhancing your understanding of the sequence. Suitable for those who have completed a Beginner Course. Also open to those students who wish to continue their self-practice in the Mysore tradition.


A slower paced style of yoga which focuses on long holds (two to five minutes) to benefit connective tissue and fascia, it is the perfect compliment to the more dynamic, yang styles of yoga.


Our Flow classes combine dynamic movement with mindful breath – Sun Salutations and fundamental yoga postures are sequenced, or linked, together with breath, allowing the mind and body to find peace and balance.  Variations are offered and modifications encouraged for students to experience the full benefits of their practice.

Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga classes are a moving meditation in the sun, flowing with the breath and taking the time to relax and experience each posture. An all levels Hatha class, including beginner students. Start your weekend enjoying your yoga practice in nature at the beautiful South Beach! Classes are located at Ocean Road, South Fremantle, just north of the South Beach Cafe.  7.00am to 8.00am every Saturday throughout summer.

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