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Mysore – Morning Ashtanga

Mysore is a four week self practice course where you will learn Ashtanga at your own pace as traditionally taught in India – your teacher will offer new postures appropriate to your developing practice.  Learning Ashtanga in this environment is compared to having a one on one class in a group environment.  Students will start at different times and be at different stages of their practice, creating an inspiring and supportive energy in the studio.

Classes are Monday to Friday mornings with the studio open from 5.30am to 7.15am. Our Monthly Mysore Inclusive pass provides you with access to all classes on our menu.

We observe Moon Days for our Mysore practice – rest days are encouraged on the full and new moons and the Mysore classes will have a break on these dates (note all other classes will run as normal).

Mysore is ideal for committed students wanting to practice yoga daily.  Mysore is also suitable for those new to Ashtanga who are seeking full immersion into the practice.

Next start dates for Mysore are:
Monday 3 April

Begin Yoga

One class a week for six consecutive weeks.

This course focuses on introducing the foundations of your yoga practice in a safe and nurturing environment. Suitable for all levels of ability and body types.

Next start dates are:
Tuesday 11 April at 6.00pm
Wednesday 3 May at 7.30pm

Explore Yoga

One class a week for six consecutive weeks.

You may have heard of a variety of Yoga styles and wondered, what is best for me?  Now that you’ve completed Begin Yoga, it’s time to explore and experience some different styles of Yoga, such as Hatha, Yin and Flow, to widen your exposure to what is available.  Each week will explore a different style of Yoga, suitable for those new to the practice.  Each of these styles offers unique benefits, this course will leave you well equiped to develop your personal practice and help you to determine what style will suit your body on any particular day.

Investment for the six week course is $99.  Casual attendees are also welcome.

Next start dates are:
Tuesday 28 February at 6.00pm
Wednesday 22 March at 7.30pm

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