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Begin Yoga

One class a week for six consecutive weeks.

Focusing on introducing new students to yoga and supporting those wishing to consolidate and enhance their current foundational experience. Delivered in a safe, nurturing environment this course is suitable for all body types and levels of ability.

During and following this course, some of the many benefits you may experience are:

✧ Breathing – more deeply and consciously
✧ Digestion – improved regulation through massage of internal organs
✧ Energy – healthy, sustainable levels of energy
✧ Healing – empowering the body to optimise it’s natural healing ability
✧ Self awareness – improved connection to our authentic self and trusting our instincts
✧ Relationships – enhanced through tolerance, awareness and connection
✧ Mental wellbeing – clarity of thought, emotional balance, better management of stress, improved sleep and attracting bountiful abundance
✧ Physical – increased ease of movement, mobility, strength and flexibility

Throughout our six week journey together, these benefits will be revealed by learning:

✧ Mindful breathing
✧ Relaxation
✧ Asana (physical postures) – sun salutations and foundational standing, balance, seated and inverted postures
✧ Sensory withdrawal and self observation

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Explore Yoga

One class a week for six consecutive weeks.

You may have heard of a variety of Yoga styles and wondered, what is best for me?  Now that you’ve completed Begin Yoga, it’s time to explore and experience some different styles of Yoga, such as Hatha, Yin and Flow, to widen your exposure to what is available.  Each week will explore a different style of Yoga, suitable for those new to the practice.  Each of these styles offers unique benefits, this course will leave you well equiped to develop your personal practice and help you to determine what style will suit your body on any particular day.

Investment for the six week course is $99.  Casual attendees are also welcome.

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