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Mala Yoga is a boutique yoga studio offering professionalinstruction to those seeking balance of mind and body.

Nick and Jaccy

Nick and Jaccy











Nick Rowe and Jaccy Martin

Owner-Operators / Hatha and Yin Teacher

Nick and Jaccy, owner-operators of Mala Yoga, share a desire to share and promote the benefits of yoga to the wider community.

Nick’s yoga journey began 25 years ago when, following a motor vehicle accident, the desire to self heal and rehabilitate was realised. Nick has discovered that yoga, pranayama and meditation practice has assisted greatly with general health, well-being and stress management. Nick continues to enjoy regular practice from a humble and humorous perspective.

Jaccy was introduced to yoga 13 years ago, enjoying the practices of ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga throughout her journey. Jaccy’s practice has enriched her physical and mental well-being, adopting the yogic principals into every day life for the benefit of herself and others. The desire to become fully immersed in yoga and share this joy with others led Jaccy to complete her teacher training with Byron Yoga. Jaccy embraces an holistic approach to yoga blending asana, meditation and pranayama.

Carmen Delgado

Mysore Teacher

Carmen Delgado started her Ashtanga yoga journey in her late 40s, completing her teacher training with SunSalute Yoga in 2010.

After her profound experience at yoga teaching training, Carmen emerged a happier and changed person, inspired to share Ashtanga with her community. She also completed teacher training in Prenatal yoga in 2011. She uses this training to assist pregnant women in modifying Ashtanga postures to help with their practice and child birth; having also experienced pregnancy 4 times herself. Her children are now all grown and she devotes her time to teaching yoga. Carmen is a member of Yoga Australia and has attended many yoga events and workshops in Australia and USA. She also attended a workshop with David Swenson which gave her a deeper love for Ashtanga yoga.

Carmen has found yoga to help her become stronger both physically and energetically, creating more emotional stability and physical flexibility, enabling her to feel the best she has ever been. She believes age is just a number and that the body is so dynamic that you can do whatever it is you believe you can do.

Teaching Mysore is Carmen’s passion and her experience in posture study, adjustments and pranayama contribute to Mala providing our community with a traditional Mysore experience in the heart of Fremantle.

Sarah Gunson

Hatha and Flow Teacher

Sarah has always been passionate about holistic health and wellness. She came to yoga when she was at university – studying human nutrition. With continued practice, she began to notice the way yoga rippled into all facets of her life, bringing increased awareness into lifestyle choices, eating habits and relationships.

“It was difficult to try to explain to people how much just practicing yoga changed the way I looked at the world and myself, people need to feel those shifts for themselves”. After 6 years of practice, Sarah decided that she wanted to teach, feeling they need to delve deeper into the ancient science and pass on its teachings and benefits to more and more people.

Sarah has been practicing yoga for 8 years with multiple trips to India to deepen her practice and teaching, completing her 200 hour training in Vinyasa and her 300 hour in Hatha. Sarah truly believes in the deep connection between the mind, body and emotions. She works to use the movement of yoga combined with nutrition and plant based eating to release blockages and clear energy channels in the body – helping people to feel the best they possibly can, in a well balanced life.

Madeline Clare

Ashtanga Teacher

Madeline is a yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner and artist whose practice delivers a dynamic therapy guiding students with a gentle energetic intelligence to realign mental and physical responses while allowing room to play.  Yoga has been a part of her life since 1989 attending a crowded class in Manchester, UK.  In 2008, after practicing for 12 years through the birthing and raising of three beautiful children, Madeline began teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga, UK, and returned to complete in 2010 with the Fremantle Yoga School, Australia.

Madeline has completed further training with David Swenson in Ashtanga, the Ashtanga Research Institute and the Byron Yoga Centre.  She has explored various styles attending workshops with Donna Farhi, Simon Borg Oliver, Clive Sheridan, Les Leventhal, Sean Corne, Janet Stone, Kale Leaf, James McIntyre and Daniel Aaron.  Trained in Hatha, Inspired Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Restorative, Pregnancy, Madeline has taught a wide variety of students, those recovering from cancer to active vinyasa.

Maintaining balance through the healing arts is integral to Madeline’s wellbeing.  In 2016, she completed an Advanced Ayurvedic Diploma.  Meditation is the key and a refined self-practice enriches her daily life allowing an empathy for others and a dedication to those she teaches, whose very wisdom grounds her own practice and in turn sustains her ability to teach.  She shares and encourages balance, simplicity and equanimity and is committed to spiritual and energetic transformation.

Madeline has a background in the visual arts with a BA Hons degree in Design History, a once-upon-a-time milliner and currently she studies Fine Art at Curtin University.  She works with mixed media to express the body from the inside out with a joyful and expressive playfulness of human spiritedness.

Rami Ryan

Yoga Teacher

Rami was born into a yoga practicing family and grew up in an Ashram in India. She spent her early years studying and practicing all aspects of yoga i.e learning how to meditate, chant ancient texts by heart and studying the Vedic scriptures, in addition to practicing the physical asanas. She then continued her yogic studies under prominent teachers in India, the U.S.A and Australia.

With the intention to increase her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology, she completed an Advanced Diploma of Sports Kinesiology in 2012 and has been in private practice since.

Rami’s style is a fusion of all she has studied. She is known for encouraging breath awareness and mindful movement, while offering a space for students to be themselves in a class environment.

Her classes, whether they be Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot, Restorative or Yin, are focused on biomechanical alignment relative to the individual, and can include practices such as chanting, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and restorative relaxation.

Nat Johnson

Yoga Teacher

Nat Johnson attended her first yoga class in 1997 and practiced many different types of yoga before discovering Ashtanga.

A daily Ashtanga practice has been part of Nat’s life for over 5 years, leading her to complete her teacher training with The Yoga Space in 2015. Nat has experience teaching many different types of yoga classes, including seniors, pregnancy, kids and community classes. In early 2016 Nat travelled to the source of Ashtanga and studied at KPJAYI in Mysore, India to further her studies.

Interested in joining the Mala family?  We are always looking for passionate and dedicated yoga teachers.  For more information, please contact us.

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