Peaceful Sleep Masterclass

Peaceful Sleep Masterclass

Saturday 29 May @ 10am

The most important thing you can do for your longevity and health is get a good night’s rest. But in reality that doesn’t always happen!

If you’re looking for natural ways to prepare your body for deep, restful sleep, you’ll love this class.

In this interactive class, you’ll learn gentle yoga asana (postures), breathing practices and essential oil techniques to:

✧ quieten your mind and body
✧ help you become calm and stress-free before sleep
✧ soothe you physically, emotionally and mentally
✧ promote deep relaxation for a complete and fulfilling rest

You’ll learn gentle Hatha and Yin postures to allow your body to soften and prepare for sleep.

You’ll learn breathing techniques to soothe your nervous system, relax your body and slow down your mind.

You’ll experience essential oils specifically chosen for their ability to help you unwind and prepare your body for peaceful sleep.

Bookings are essential for this Masterclass! Class is open to students of all levels, including beginners.

Investment is $25, class will be 90 minutes duration

Enrolment is included for our Mala Members (please email us to secure your place).

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