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Our new home in O’Connor

Move date: June 2021

For all of us, the last 12 months have been the catalyst for much change.  

Changes to work, relationships, priorities, ways of being.  Change can be difficult, having to evolve and move into the unknown can be scary and overwhelming.

As spiritual beings and business owners, we know how this feels.  The moment that you hold your breath, take that big step forward and watch as the next part of the journey unfolds.

And after 9 joyful and inspiring years at our Wray Avenue home, its time for our next big step forward together ❤️

We have been busy looking for a new space for us all for awhile now, and are so happy to finally share with you that from June 2021, we will be moving to our new home in O’Connor!

Classes will continue at Wray Avenue as normal until we’re ready to move.  

We welcome your questions, so please get in touch.  This page on our website will be regularly updated as we share more news.

What date will the move be?

Our first class at our O’Connor studio will be on Saturday 3 July 2021!

When will classes finish at Wray Ave?

Classes will continue at Wray Avenue as normal until we’re ready to move. 

Where is the new studio located?

Our new home will be at Unit 8/2 Keegan Street, O’Connor.

How big will the new studio be?

Our dedicated yoga studio will be so much more spacious than our current home!  So lots of room to stretch out and invite friends to join you.

What other facilities are there?

As part of Stage 1, we’ll create a separate reception area including a chill-out zone.

There is free off-street and on-street parking.  We have bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Stage 2 will see many more changes including new shower and toilet facilities.

Are there shower facilities?

Yes, there is a serviceable shower and toilet available.  We’re looking forward to upgrading this as part of Phase 2 improvements!

Do I still need to book in for classes?

We’ll be able to offer space for walk-ins however bookings are still recommended.

Is there parking?

There is plenty of free, untimed off-street and on-street parking available at and around the studio.

What is the ambience of the new studio like?

You’ll get a quieter and more serene experience as we’ll be set back from the road, connected to nature with amazing views of the surrounding tree canopy.

Will there be a party to celebrate the opening?

Most definitely!  Invitations will be sent out be email once a date is confirmed.  Make sure you’re on our email list by filling in the contact form on this page.

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