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Triangles are considered to be one of the strongest shapes. They can withstand pressure and weight without changing shape, and are used in many of the most iconic architectural masterpieces – think the Great Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Pyramid.

We also create strong, stable triangle shapes in Trikonasana (Triangle pose). Trikonasana is a standing asana, strengthening the legs and opening the side body. Vibrant and spacious, strong yet cooling.

When you practice Trikonasana in Pitta season, the focus is on being grounded in the shape, which means focusing on connecting to the earth through your feet. Pressing down evenly through your feet creates two strong foundation angles to allow for stillness, expansion and calmness, in both your inner and outer experience.

Creating your own iconic, unique and beautiful triangle masterpiece 🥰

Constantly flowing through day and night, breath moves in and out of the body without us even thinking about it.

Physically breath replenishes oxygen in the body and removes wastes, as well as stabilising the nervous system when we breathe consciously in pranayama practices.

There’s a more subtle aspect of breath as well, an energetic aspect called prana. There are five aspects of prana – pran, udana, vyana, samana and apana – that all have a distinct role in the body.

At times it might feel right to move focus of practice to the function of prana called udana, “the upward moving air”. Udana is our main positive energy, it governs speech and self-expression and assists in developing our consciousness.

Udana is stimulated in the body through backbends, and one asana that can cultivate this energy is Eka Pada Bhekasana (one legged frog pose) 🐸

Physically Eka Pada Bhekasana is about blending strength and flexibility in the body. Creating a shape that is your unique expression of this asana, the heart is open and courageous.

Energetically uplifting, Eka Pada Bhekasana helps to raise the body’s vibration to create lightness, creativity and inspiration ❤️

Our invitation to you is to explore this asana in practice and notice – how does this feel inside? How does my breath feel? Can I observe the upward movement of energy in your body?

In this way you can use your asana and pranayama practice as a tool to access the more subtle aspects of yoga 🙏

Coming back to centre

February 4, 2024

Life’s fluctuations can make us feel a little off-centre at times. Disconnected from ourselves and loved ones, feeling a little flat or using our precious energy in places that are not really that important.

Yoga is one of those practices you can return to time and again to reconnect with centre, that place of inner knowing and intuition. Turning inwards to quieten the noise of the outside world so you can hear your own inner wisdom speaking with clarity and truth again.

Asana is an amazing tool to consciously move the body from one plane to another, exploring the movements away from and towards centre. Parighasana, or gate pose, is a beautiful, deep side body stretch, helping to improve spine mobility, breath capacity and bring lightness to your being.

The experience of Parighasana is about coming back to centre – moving the body forward, back and side to side, and then returning to equilibrium to experience stillness within and your expansive, three-dimensional breath in the body.

And if you have Pitta dominant dosha, or a practicing within Pitta season (summer), lateral movements can also help to disperse the internal heat that has built up, helping create calm and a deep sense of centeredness mentally and physically 😌

Why practice Yin?

December 6, 2021
Why practice Yin? Mala Yoga, O'Connor, Perth

For some, Yin is the only yoga practice they do.  Stillness, softness, feeling your body melt into the different shapes…. bliss 🥰

Other people avoid the stillness of a Yin practice.  Because it is so quiet, there’s all this space to be with your breath… or be with your constant stream of thoughts.  It can be really challenging to stay present with your breath when that is all there is to focus on.

So why practice Yin at all?

It’s the opposite of so much of what we do in life – it’s slow, passive and restorative.  Yin provides a respite from the noisy, busyness of life, a place to simply be.  

For us, we feel there are two main intentions of Yin:

  1. The physical – stretch the fascia and connective tissues
  2. The energetic – use breath to soften, quieten and enter into a meditative state

From a physical perspective, Yin is the perfect complement to any physical practice, whether that be yoga, gym or running.  We very rarely take the time to stretch the body mindfully for such long periods of time.  Yin provides that opportunity to let your body sink deep into postures to release and soften.

Yin also provides space for a quiet, contemplative practice.  Breath and mindfulness will help you relax, quieten and feel your body as you enter into a meditative state – whilst staying conscious, present and curious.

And at the end?  Deep relaxation, a sense of peace, wonderful sleep and a restored nervous system ☺️

Join us for your weekly Yin class, you can book your place here.

Three ways to create emotional wellness in your life - Mala Yoga, Fremantle Perth

by Jaccy

Our emotions can influence our health and wellbeing and our day to day life.  Feelings of sadness, anxiousness or fear can leave us feeling hopeless or scattered.  Yet feelings of joy, peace and positivity can change our outlook in a moment!

It’s so important to learn to connect with ourselves, know our feelings and how we can support ourselves.  Yoga is my daily moving meditation, the practice I use to stay balanced, calm and centered.  My other favourite way to support my emotions is through the use of essential oils.

Essential oils have been used by civilisations for thousands of years, for religious ceremonies, cosmetics, medicine and many other applications.  From regions as diverse as Egypt, China and Rome, essential oils have been recognised as a way to bring our physical and emotional beings into equilibrium.

Self care is so important, yet so many of us struggle to find even five minutes to be kind to ourselves.  Essential oils are a quick way to add something special to any moment of your day to support your whole being.

Release anxious feelings

Feeling anxious before going to work, school, exam, meeting?  Place one drop each of lavender and orange in the palm of your hands, rub together and slowly breathe in.  You can rub the excess oil onto your chest and soles of your feet to continue absorbing the benefits of the oils.

Find your focus

Are you procrastinating, lacking the focus and concentration to finish your project, assignment, website?  Peppermint and lemon are the perfect oils to give you that uplifting, energising boost!  Place two drops of each oil in a diffuser and set in the room where you’ll be working.  This will help create the ideal environment to set your intentions and finish your work.

An added tip – ever had a headache or mental overwhelm from concentrating too much?  Try wiping a little bit of peppermint oil on your forehead, temples and back of your neck and enjoy the cool, stimulating sensations from the oil.  Be mindful when putting oils near your eyes, it’s better to put your fingertips closer to your hairline.

Sleep better

We all know how important sleep is but a significant number of us don’t get sufficient quantity or quality of sleep.  There are so many essential oils that can help to relax and calm us, setting us up for beautiful, restful sleep.  Mix one drop each of cedarwood, vetiver and orange in your favourite carrier oil.  Then massage into your wrists, soles of feet and chest to find your blissful sleep.

Interested to know more about how these beautiful plant oils can support and nurture you and your family?  I’d love for you to join me at our next Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils class.  All of our essential oils classes will allow you the opportunity to experience the power of essential oils and make your own blends to use.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to share your self care tips or let me know if you have any questions 🙏