Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation

An Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation with Nick or Jaccy offers a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, giving you the confidence to support your own healing, create vibrancy and regulate your energy levels.  This consultation is perfect if you are looking to:

◇ start a personal home yoga practice or advance your current practice

◇ learn pranayama techniques best suited for your constitution

◇ start a meditation practice

◇ learn techniques and practices to help reduce stress and overwhelm

◇ find a way to create optimum health and vibrancy in your life

◇ balance and heal your nervous and immune systems

◇ stabilise your mind and emotions

◇ build and balance energy

Your initial consultation starts with an assessment of your health, yoga practice and lifestyle.  We’ll discuss everything from what your current yoga practice is (if you have one) to your sleep patterns, daily routines, how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally and much more.

After your consultation, a bespoke practice will be developed just for you that may include:

◇ specific Hatha yoga practices

◇ pranayama (breathwork) techniques

◇ meditation practice

◇ lifestyle recommendations

We’ll meet again for a practice consultation about a week later to go through the findings of your initial consultation.  You’ll learn about your current imbalances from an Ayurvedic perspective, which may be creating stress and tension in your life.  We’ll then explore ways to find balance and equilibrium in your life again by exploring different modalities and methodologies that will be most effective and review your personal practice, which has been created to accommodate your lifestyle.

Initial consultation (60-90 minutes) and practice consultation (45-60 minutes) – $250

Subsequent consultations (60 minutes) – $120

We’re excited to offer these consultations to create healthier, more vibrant individuals, families, communities and workplaces and look forward to working with soon!

Contact us to book your consultation.