Class Descriptions

At Mala we offer a welcoming, supportive space for your practice.
We encourage our students to learn to know themselves.  To know when it’s best to rest in child’s pose or take the next step to find your edge.
We love props and all classes will offer variations and use of props as is suitable for your practice.  We want you to receive the most benefit from your practice so you leave feeling relaxed, vibrant and joyful!
Unsure about which class to join?  Please feel welcome to email us with any questions – we look forward to hearing from you!

**Please note that you will need to bring your own blanket and eye pillow to class for the time being**

Hatha / Beach Yoga

The word Hatha is the term used for all physical practices of yoga and represents our masculine (ha – sun) and feminine (tha – moon) aspects.

A balanced mind-body practice, your class will be interspersed with moments of flowing movement, static postures and rest to recalibrate and allow the physical practice to settle into your being.  Combining strength, flexibility and stillness, class will start with mindful breathing to quieten the mind and relax the body.  A creative sequence will work towards a peak pose or target a specific need of the body and will incorporate sun salutations, standing, balancing and twisting postures. As always, a long savasana awaits you at the end of practice to integrate and relax.

Class is open to all levels.

Morning Yoga Immersion

Our Morning Yoga Immersion classes are Hatha style practice (see description above), and are the perfect way to start your morning!  Our classes run every week without a gap, giving you the opportunity to commit to a continuous morning practice.

Your practice will focus on finding space, strength and length in all the right places as you move towards that fortnight’s peak pose.

You can attend as many 6am classes as you like – they’re open for single class enrolment or you can join as a Mala Member to attend every day of the week. We’ll be here for you, to guide and motivate you through energising, joyful yoga.

Class is open to all levels.


Yin Yoga is a quiet and contemplative practice.  Creating shapes that suit your individual needs, long holds (two to five minutes) will influence fascia and connective tissues in a way that softens and nurtures us.  Passively holding these postures, we use breath and mindfulness to relax, quieten and feel, entering into a meditative state – conscious, present and curious. The perfect compliment to the more dynamic, yang styles of yoga, Yin allows you time to let your body sink deep into postures to release and soften.

Class is open to all levels.

Yoga Nidra + Meditation

Soft, spacious and calm – our Yoga Nidra + Meditation class focuses on creating stillness of mind and deep, conscious relaxation in your body.

Class begins with gentle asana aligned to the Ayurvedic season, allowing the body to release physical and mental tension. Preparing your body for the higher practices ahead.

Once you’ve settled into savasana (lying on your back), you’ll be guided through a grounding, nurturing yoga nidra, turning your awareness within and away from outward distractions. Enhancing your self-awareness and mental and emotional health.

Practice will include pranayama (breathing practices) and finish with an extended meditation to experience peace and stillness.

You will float out of class calm and tranquil ❤️

Have you heard of yoga nidra before? Yoga nidra is known as yogic sleep. You will be guided through a visualisation that takes you to a state of deep relaxation. A state somewhere between waking and sleeping whilst still being fully conscious.

One of the things we love most about yoga nidra is the peace and quietness afterwards. Feelings of stress, tension and anxiousness seem to melt away. And sleep that night is always amazing 😊

Class is open to all levels.

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