Need more balance and less stress?

One of the main intentions of practicing yoga is the management of prana – moving and working with life-force energy. At times in life prana can become unsettled or deficient, and this can feel like loss of enthusiasm and motivation, stress or a feeing of downheartedness.  Staying grounded and stable can be challenging, which is […]

Embracing opposite qualities

Vata is the dosha of autumn and is ruled by the two elements Ether and Air (the other elements being Fire, Water and Earth). Cooler temperatures and the quick changes in our environment – think warm days suddenly becoming very cool, how quickly the mornings are becoming darker – these all increase the energy of […]

Balancing sthira and sukha

It can be really lovely to take time to focus your practice on seated twists, such as Marichyasana III. Marichyasana III, the sages twist, is a beautiful shape to focus on creating a stable, grounded base. By grounding through the points of your body touching the earth, you’ll be able to focus on the internal […]

Finding harmony in contrasts

Malasana is one of those poses that can communicate so much about what’s going on in your body. We all have different body proportions, mobility, areas of tension, strengths and challenges and these all play a big role in how you feel and look in this posture. In English we call Malasana garland pose or […]

Grounded base for fluid twists

Twists are an important part of our personal practice, and there’s rarely a class we teach where there isn’t some kind of twisting asana included. Standing, seated or lying down, twists are amazing for spinal health and feel so good too 🌟 Building stability and flexibility in your spine, twists are also super helpful for […]

The comfort of balance: grounding your energy in Vata season

Can you feel the shift? The days are getting shorter and autumn’s cool embrace is slowly coming into our nights 😊 In Ayurveda, autumn is known as a Vata dominant season, bringing dryness, wind and subtle changes as we transition from summer’s fiery days to winter’s chill. Honour this beautiful time of change by infusing […]

Moving from Pitta to Vata season

It’s important to honour the external and internal shifts as we move from season to season, and coming up on 20 March is the Autumn Equinox, one of two moments in the year where day and night are equal. A balanced moment in time as we begin our journey into autumn 🍁 Ayurveda attributes certain […]

Embracing balance and seasonal transitions

Have you noticed it yet? The cooler nights and not-so-hot days as you into autumn 🍁 For us in Perth, it’s not the golden colours of other parts of the world (where you might be!), but it’s our unique way of experiencing the seasonal shift. Speaking of shifts, have you heard of the astronomical autumn […]

Uniting prana and apana

Have you ever noticed the subtle shifts in your body as you inhale and exhale? How in the simple act of sitting and breathing, you can be witness to the movement of energy in your body? Inhale, exhale. Prana, apana. Expanding, grounding. This movement of energy can be felt when moving and being in asana […]

Calm in the midst of it all

After months and years of consistent yoga practice, two magical things happen. Things that we’ve felt and experienced, that have kept us steady and calm in life. The first is a sense of harmony that infuses life, the knowing of being in the right place, doing the right thing, and feeling in sync with nature […]

Finding stillness in the strongest of shapes

Triangles are considered to be one of the strongest shapes. They can withstand pressure and weight without changing shape, and are used in many of the most iconic architectural masterpieces – think the Great Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Pyramid. We also create strong, stable triangle shapes in Trikonasana (Triangle pose). Trikonasana is a […]

The role of Udana in practice

Constantly flowing through day and night, breath moves in and out of the body without us even thinking about it. Physically breath replenishes oxygen in the body and removes wastes, as well as stabilising the nervous system when we breathe consciously in pranayama practices. There’s a more subtle aspect of breath as well, an energetic […]

Coming back to centre

Life’s fluctuations can make us feel a little off-centre at times. Disconnected from ourselves and loved ones, feeling a little flat or using our precious energy in places that are not really that important. Yoga is one of those practices you can return to time and again to reconnect with centre, that place of inner […]

Why practice Yin?

For some, Yin is the only yoga practice they do.  Stillness, softness, feeling your body melt into the different shapes…. bliss 🥰 Other people avoid the stillness of a Yin practice.  Because it is so quiet, there’s all this space to be with your breath… or be with your constant stream of thoughts.  It can […]

How we can all help Australia’s bushfire relief effort

by Jaccy Illustration: Melina Illustrates Coming back to news and social media coverage of the fires in our beautiful country after Christmas has made for a very overwhelming and emotional week.   Especially being so far from the east coast, thoughts of “how can I help?” have been on my mind over the last weeks.  […]

Three ways to create emotional wellness in your life

by Jaccy Our emotions can influence our health and wellbeing and our day to day life.  Feelings of sadness, anxiousness or fear can leave us feeling hopeless or scattered.  Yet feelings of joy, peace and positivity can change our outlook in a moment! It’s so important to learn to connect with ourselves, know our feelings […]

How to create your intention

by Jaccy Like the end of class, the beginning is always quiet and introspective.  A moment to leave the busyness of the day outside.  Taking deep, nourishing breaths as you allow yourself to arrive on your mat. After those few minutes of settling into practice, we have the opportunity to connect with our own dedication […]

4 ways to blissful sleep

by Jaccy We all know the importance of sleep. Even without understanding all the processes and systems in our body that benefit, we know that too little sleep leaves us feeling blah. Too little sleep and you might feel drowsy, foggy, heavy eyes. The right amount of sleep and you wake up feeling rested, positive, […]

What everyone ought to know about Yoga and Flexibility

We often hear new students share with us that they aren’t flexible enough for yoga. For many of us, being inflexible is the very reason we start yoga! To help our bodies feel freer, so we can move with ease and feel tall, strong and energised. I didn’t practice yoga when I was in my […]

5 things you didn’t know about kids yoga

Two minutes. I learnt about this in my training but I wasn’t prepared for the reality. Kids can hardly sustain two minutes in savasana. They were so excited to finally relax! Yet some of them almost immediately started to fidget upon lying down. It was one of my favourite parts of our first Kids Yoga […]

There’s no right or wrong – it’s just different

Gems of wisdom appear everywhere. There’s always the possibility of encountering them throughout our day 🙂 This particular piece of wisdom was a gift from Steve, a lovely Californian we meet last month. We were talking about driving and I made a comment about the challenges of being on the “wrong” side of the road. […]

Your must have essential oils for travel

San Francisco to Singapore – even before we left the hotel the oils were out and helping me feel even more amazing 😊 Our immune systems can become compromised when we travel. New environments, new bugs, different food… I like to be proactive about staying healthy, both at home or on holiday. My two favourite […]

Five plane friendly yoga postures

It seems that our holidays coincide with escaping from the cold Perth winters. Yes I said cold – we do get below 5 degrees here and yes jackets are essential!!  Last month we had the pleasure of discovering California in the summer. Getting to anywhere that isn’t South East Asia is an epic journey. Our […]

Why you should have your own yoga mat

Entertaining the thought of committing to your practice and investing in your own yoga mat?  Trust us, you will never look back after you have your very own space to practice on! We have had many mats over the years, from the most basic version through to the best (in our opinion!) money can buy […]

How to support your back health

We were Face-timing our beautiful sister in law and niece this weekend and we got to talking about back pain and how having a child can contribute to this in more ways than one.

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