Five plane friendly yoga postures

It seems that our holidays coincide with escaping from the cold Perth winters. Yes I said cold – we do get below 5 degrees here and yes jackets are essential!!  Last month we had the pleasure of discovering California in the summer. Getting to anywhere that isn’t South East Asia is an epic journey. Our […]

Why you should have your own yoga mat

Entertaining the thought of committing to your practice and investing in your own yoga mat?  Trust us, you will never look back after you have your very own space to practice on! We have had many mats over the years, from the most basic version through to the best (in our opinion!) money can buy […]

How to support your back health

We were Face-timing our beautiful sister in law and niece this weekend and we got to talking about back pain and how having a child can contribute to this in more ways than one.

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