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Welcome!  We’re so happy you found us!

At Mala Yoga we offer considerate, joyful and nurturing classes to those seeking balance of mind, body and spirit.

Mala Yoga is a Perth based yoga and wellness studio located in O’Connor, just outside Fremantle. We have been part of our local community since 2012, sharing wellbeing, yoga and mindfulness. Mala Yoga is owned and operated by local residents Nick and Jaccy Rowe.

As an inclusive and welcoming community, Mala Yoga provides an uplifting and nurturing environment for people looking to start or continue their journey learning the ancient arts of Raja Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda.

Our studies and practice are connected with the Himalayan Masters tradition which encompasses all of the paths of yoga.

Our classes are guided by a connection to the natural ebb and flow of life and seasonal energy through the application of the Ayurvedic principles.

Combining the wisdom of the past with today’s knowledge, all offerings at Mala Yoga are designed to be a soothing antidote to today’s busyness, focusing on balancing the nervous system, providing space to reconnect with yourself and find the inner radiance that resides within.

We value and promote diversity by respecting all participants regardless of age, physical differences, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. 

We respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all individuals. 

Our classes are inclusive of all abilities, including those with special needs. 

With many years involvement in corporate and Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) environments, we have both experienced the benefits of yoga firsthand, and have a desire to share and promote these benefits to the wider community.

Nick and Jaccy Rowe

Directors and Lead Teachers

About Us teachers at Mala Yoga, O'Connor Fremantle PerthNick’s yoga journey began 29 years ago when, following a motor vehicle accident, the desire to self heal and rehabilitate was realised. Nick has discovered that yoga, pranayama and meditation practice has assisted greatly with general health, well-being and stress management. Nick continues to enjoy regular practice from a humble and humorous perspective. Nick is a certified yoga teacher and completed his yoga teacher training with Brad Hay Inner Revolution in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters.

Jaccy was introduced to yoga 20 years ago, enjoying the practices of ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga throughout her journey. Jaccy’s practice has enriched her physical and mental well-being, adopting the yogic principals into every day life for the benefit of herself and others. The desire to become fully immersed in yoga and share this joy with others led Jaccy to complete her teacher training with Byron Yoga. Jaccy has also completed advanced yoga training with Brad Hay Inner Revoution in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters.  Jaccy embraces an holistic approach to yoga blending asana, pranayama, meditation and breath awareness, making yoga available to people of all levels of experience. Jaccy is a certified Yoga Ed Kids and Teenage Yoga Teacher and has also completed training in AromaTouch Technique and Peter Hess Sound Massage Level 1.

Rachel Duffy

About Us teachers at Mala Yoga, O'Connor Fremantle Perth

Rachel’s classes are for all levels and she offers variations and moderations to suit individual needs. Flexibility is irrelevant and students will experience numerous mental and physical benefits with consistent practice, including a clearer mind, evenness of spirit and a body that copes more confidently with the daily stresses and challenges of life.

Rachel teaches Hatha style yoga and her classes will occasionally incorporate Yin, Iyengar and Vinyasa elements. Rachel’s classes begin slowly with a meditation or pranayam then move through a warmup for the spine, joints, fascia and muscles. A curated series of asana movements designed to build towards a peak or Apex pose make up the bulk of the class, before winding down into savasana and final pranayam or mantra.

After attending yoga classes sporadically for 10 years, Rachel’s practice gradually became more consistent as yoga became an integral part of her everyday life. She completed her Hatha teacher training in 2016 at The Practice in Bali and has taught at various Fremantle studios as well as running a weekly outdoor morning class through Summer 2018.

Rachel truly believes yoga is for everyone and is the vital missing link to help us enjoy the present moment and move with ease through today’s fast paced, chaotic and evolving world.

Laura Kolagow

About Us teachers at Mala Yoga, O'Connor Fremantle Perth

Laura started her yoga journey in her 20’s whilst working as a Remedial Massage Therapist. A regular Iyengar and Hatha practice consolidated her knowledge of body mechanics, however, it was the overall feeling of wellbeing and connectedness that particularly resonated and swayed her to take formal teacher training in beautiful Byron Bay.  She maintains an ongoing student perspective by attending regular classes, workshops and teacher trainings.

Laura teaches a number of different styles, including exploratory vinyasa flow with a focus on alignment, transitions and breath to develop a deeper level of awareness, as well as strength and flexibility. She also teaches slow flow, yin and restorative classes guiding her students to go deep within through compassionate awareness and presence.  A strong element of Laura’s teaching style is to encourage students to tune in to the inherent wisdom of the body.

Ashleigh Perrella

About Us teachers at Mala Yoga, O'Connor Fremantle Perth

Ash discovered yoga in her early twenties and has been practicing for over a decade. In more recent years, Ash became fascinated by yoga’s effect on the nervous system as she experienced the profound impact of a regular yin yoga practice. Ash went on to complete Yin Yoga and Meditation teacher training, which not only expanded her own personal practice but ignited a curiousity for teaching. Ash completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Mala Yoga in 2023.

Ash’s classes are nurturing, inclusive and aim to cultivate self-compassion. Ash sees yoga not simply as a physical practice, but the opportunity to turn inward and explore the vast depths of Being. As a registered counsellor, Ash is sensitive to holding spaces that facilitate self-inquiry and enhance mind-body connection.

When not on the mat, Ash can be found out in nature or dabbling in one of her many creative pursuits including writing, reading, playing piano and making art.

Tiarn Chester

Tiarn first dabbled with meditation in 2020, helping her deal with anxiety during a certain time in life and taking her on a self-awareness journey. In 2021 Tiarn started practicing yoga after an injury in the gym and noticed the effects on her body when she hadn’t practiced. Growing fascinated about the nervous system and the body-mind connection, Tiarn grew to love yoga and the benefits that come with it. Wanting to expand on her self-awareness journey and help others become stronger, physically as well as mentally, Tiarn wanted to learn more and found Mala in 2023 to help enrich her knowledge and practice, and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Mala.

Tiarn works as a full-time administrative coordinator for a paediatric occupational therapist. Wanting to be more involved, Tiarn has integrated Yoga into the practice by running interoception programs. Helping kids understand their bodies and identifying their emotions and senses.

Off the mat, Tiarn loves to spend time with her loved ones, going to the beach, pilates and leisurely strolls with a coffee in hand.

Bhavna Patel-Dyer

Yoga has been in Bhav’s life for a number of years but only when she made the move to Perth from the UK in 2012 did she really embark on her journey of self-discovery.

Unknowingly, Bav’s mum truly first inspired her and started her off on her journey from a very young age. Bhav remembers seeing her mum’s grace, strength and focus whilst practicing her fairly short asana routine each morning on just a blanket. Nothing too fancy, just some simple, gentle movements which seemed to form a sequence that flowed with and almost formed a part of her body. As Bhav entered her teen years, she began her yoga journey at a local gym in the UK where a wonderful teacher offered one asana class per week. Bhav believes the call to teach grew from here.

After a few years of solid asana practice which was still only scraping the surface, Bhav knew that she wanted to share and pass on her experience of the “unexplainable deep, calm, still feeling” you get after finishing an asana practice. Although Bhav had never entertained the idea of teaching back then, she did it anyway along with the support and persistence of her teachers and fellow students and hasn’t looked back since. When Bhav had her Jyotish (Vedic astrology) chart read a few years ago, she learnt that teaching was literally written in her stars!

Bhav’s personal practice changes daily. Each day always starts and ends with some form of checking in and self-awareness depending on her energetic needs. Being a mum means Bhav has had to let go of the notion of a full 90 minute session but this means she can also notice those days when she needs more or less.  Bhav’s daily non-negotiable is to turn to the more subtle practices of yoga to keep her mind clear and stable.

Lyndal Wilson

Lyndal is a certified yoga teacher and sound healing practitioner who is passionate about working with various healing modalities to help calm the nervous system, reconnect to self and feel the magic of life. She weaves together restorative and yin yoga with sound healing that encompasses a variety of transformative instruments including crystal bowls, gongs, crystal harp and her own vocals.

Lyndal completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2020 in Canada and studied sound healing with Sound Healing Academy. Lyndal has also completed a mentorship program with Theda Phoenix, a renowned sound healer in Vancouver, Canada.

Gavin Albrecht

Gavin started his yoga journey around 6 years ago, always finding the benefits of practicing yoga calming and centering. Prior to finding yoga Gav spent many years practicing martial arts which he loved, particularly the self-discipline aspects. However over the years it took its toll on his body and yoga was the answer he had been searching for. Gav completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training with Mala Yoga in 2023.

Gav has found that yoga is now helping him to heal not only the broken parts of his body, but also his internal well being. Gav particularly loves Yin Yoga and this is where his passion lies. For Gav, yoga is a beautiful journey of self-inquiry.

Regina Cruickshank

About Us teachers at Mala Yoga, O'Connor Fremantle Perth

Regina found yoga in her teenage years and the practice has stayed with her ever since. Trained in Hatha, Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for (Trauma Informed) Youth, Regina is passionate about giving the gift of Yoga to others, empowering physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Regina’s classes incorporate playful opportunities to challenge yourself through breath and movement as well as a platform to completely nourish and fill up your cup. She guides her students through accessible yoga and mindfulness supported by a touch of yogic philosophy and most importantly: an opportunity to simply be.

If not found teaching at Mala, scuba diving or out and about with her family (including three children and Labrador Monty!), Regina supports a small local Not for Profit organisation focusing on wellbeing practices for schools and aged care and also works as a Life Coach. Regina believes that the journey of learning never ends. She’s fascinated by neuroscience and the benefits of yoga for brain development and mental wellness and is furthering her studies on and off the mat.

Vicky Mosnier

About Us teachers at Mala Yoga, O'Connor Fremantle Perth

Vicky qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2008, specialising in Paediatric Physiotherapy, giving her an in-depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, human movement and rehabilitation. Her own yoga journey began 10 years ago, enjoying the practices of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. It was not until she experienced her own health crisis however that she developed a consistent practice. This began a long healing journey both physically and mentally, with yoga, meditation and the power of the mind-body connection playing a huge role in this transformation. 

With her love of yoga and experience as a physio, it was a logical progression to add yoga teaching to her tool belt. Vicky is a qualified Vinyasa, Yin, Kids and Teens, Breathwork and Meditation teacher. 

Vicky believes that yoga can benefit everyone, and her classes are designed to be inclusive to all, regardless of what you bring with you to the mat. Her classes include asana sequences, underpinned with comprehensive biomechanical knowledge and adaptable to suit individual needs, pranayama and mindfulness/meditation.

Vicky is passionate about sharing the evidence-based benefits of yoga, and supporting others in optimising their own health and wellbeing to live the life they love. 

Yasmeen Qandour

Yas has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, her first class was in a small, heated room above a coffee shop. It was one of the hardest and most rewarding hours she had spent.

Yas’s love for guiding and helping others has always been apparent. Yas believes that your yoga teacher has an incredibly important role in helping you fall in love with breath, movement, and the power you have over your mind and body.

That’s why Yas started her journey with teaching yoga – to allow people to breathe, to move, to truly find themselves. Yas has completed over 350 hours of teacher training from practicing from the East to the West coast of Australia.

Yas completely believes yoga is for all bodies. Her aim is to help you find your depth, your breath, and the love for movement and mindfulness.

Holly Norman

Growing up on the doorstep of some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, Holly Norman has always had a passion for active living and fresh air. A musician by trade, Holly began her yoga journey six years ago in her hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Her interest in body awareness and movement began with pilates, stemming from a performance-related injury in her late teens. Yoga was a natural progression, and with the help of some wonderful mentors in Perth, she was soon hooked. As Holly moved into the busy world of event management and festival work, the emphasis on mindfulness and patience provided by yoga was a welcome tonic to daily life.

Holly has completed over 500 hours of teaching qualifications in hatha, ashtanga vinyasa, yin yoga and meditation and is passionate about promoting positive mental health, active living and helping others achieve their potential. She holds a firm belief that yoga is for everybody, and that the only kind of flexibility required is mental flexibility! Her goal is to create yoga classes that will challenge, inspire, and cultivate self-confidence in a safe space.

After spending six years based in Melbourne, Holly relocated back to Perth in 2021 and is an arts manager/festival worker by day. Outside of the office, Holly can be found getting amongst Perth’s live music scene, soaking up awesome gigs, playing in bands and laying down a yoga mat at almost any beautiful park or beach.

Stephanie Barclay

About Us teachers at Mala Yoga, O'Connor Fremantle Perth

Steph’s yoga journey began over 10 years ago in Margaret River where she developed a consistent Iyengar practice that became a transformative tool towards creating a healthier connection between body, mind and spirit. This led her to complete her teacher training at the Byron Yoga Centre and she has since become qualified in teaching Yin, Childrens and Teens Yoga and Meditation and Mindfulness. She enjoys a varied practice including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa and Iyengar.

Steph creates inclusive classes with a balance of meditation, mindfulness, movement and pranayama and she encourages her students to celebrate their unique movement. Steph loves the fact that the practice is an open ended journey if you choose it to be and relishes the opportunity to be both a teacher and student of yoga. She see’s yoga as a holistic practice to help navigate the everyday with more ease and develop greater compassion, awareness and health towards ourselves, others and the planet.

When she’s not teaching you’ll find her growing veggies in her garden, under the ocean or wandering through the natural environment with a camera in her hand.