Exploring Yogic Mantra Workshop

Exploring Yogic Mantra workshop

Sunday 28 May @ 3pm

Mantras are sacred sounds, vibrations that help to stabilise and clear the mind and assist with physical, emotional, and mental healing.  We can repeat mantras aloud together, infuse them into our physical asana practice, or move towards the more internal, contemplative aspects of mantra meditation.

This workshop will take you on a deep inward journey, beginning with an exploration of the external mantra practices and gradually moving towards the more subtle, inner experiences of mantra.

You’ll be introduced to the Surya Gayatri Mantra, a mantra of light that dispels the darkness and provides deep healing, purification and self-realisation.

A gentle asana practice will weave the use of outer and inner mantras as the body moves through simple yet powerful shapes.

Class will then take you to an experience of peace and stillness in mantra meditation, enhancing your self-awareness and mental and emotional health.

In the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, mantra is the most essential and far-reaching practice that we can undertake, and it is our honour to impart this knowledge and experience to you.

Bookings are essential for these classes! Class is open to people of all levels of yoga experience (no knowledge of mantra or yoga necessary!), including beginners.

Investment is $45, enrolment is included for our Mala Members.