Move, Breathe, Thrive

A comprehensive 6 week course on stress reduction and wellbeing

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In this step-by-step course you’ll go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed and disconnected to refreshed, calm and peaceful, experience better sleep, increased energy and more joy in life.

Before we tell you all about this training, let’s make sure this is right for you.

If you’ve been looking for a way to take control of your health and wellbeing, learning time-tested techniques to…

⟡ increase resilience

⟡ improve physical and mental health

⟡ soothe your nervous system and

⟡ re-engage in life full of joy, stability and focus…

then read on!


If you are…

⟡ A parent or guardian that is time poor but know you need the tools to bring more stability, balance and calm to your life

⟡ Someone who works full time (or more!) hours every week and constantly feels overwhelmed, anxious and worried

⟡ A busy 9-5 worker who flops at night time in front of the tv with dinner and wine, your inner voice telling you there’s a better way to reset your nervous system every day

⟡ That person who’s tried everything to wind down and stop your mind from racing, but feel like nothings worked

Then this is the course for you!

Our Move, Breathe, Thrive course will give you the tools, support and inspiration to create positive change in your life, whether you have 5 minutes or 60 minutes a day for self-care.

By the end of this training you will…

Understand how you work

You’ll have a greater understanding of how your nervous system works and how changing your actions, behaviour and lifestyle can significantly impact your health and wellbeing

Create a personal practice

That suits your unique requirements – whether that’s to accommodate an injury, time restraints, location issues or other barriers to practice

Know how to breathe properly

Your breath is something that’s with you every moment of the day and you’ll learn techniques to slow down and master your breathing

Manage your mind whirl

You’ll learn techniques to quieten your mind, become more focused and less scattered

Rest and sleep better

Not just more but better quality rest and sleep. For health and longevity, getting better and more restful sleep is key to a healthier you

Create a calm lifestyle

You’ll learn to implement simple, easy to do lifestyle adjustments that will support your goal to decrease stress and increase energy, vitality and connection

Jaccy and Nick are such passionate, knowledgeable, inspiring and encouraging teachers, and I felt safe and supported throughout each step of the journey. I am so grateful to have had this experience with Mala.

~ Ashleigh, YTT graduate

Jaccy and Nick have created a beautiful quiet space to practice yoga, they made me feel welcome and I can’t wait to continue my yoga journey with them.

~ Helen, yoga student

My daughter and I love the classes here and the instructors are amazing. Thank you Jaccy for your kindness and support for my daughter in starting her yoga journey.

~ Amanda, yoga student

Nick and Jaccy are genuine souls and have been the best teachers to help me progress into this new chapter in my life. Such an amazing and loving community.

~ Tiarn, YTT graduate

Jaccy and Nick are amazing teachers. So supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. They have created such a safe space to explore the journey to one’s self discovery and self-realisation.

~ Gavin, YTT graduate

Such a beautiful space being held at Mala Yoga that I believe would enable you to deepen at whatever level you’re at. I found Jaccy to deliver her classes in a very gracious way that had me finish the class feeling very nourished.

~ Gaye, yoga student

Mala Yoga has been the most enjoyable experience for practicing yoga. Jaccy is the best yoga teacher I have come across and is always friendly, positive and very welcoming.

~ Greg, yoga student