New Moon Yoga

New Moon Yoga – monthly on Sundays

Sunday 21 June @ 3pm

This New Moon is a particularly special and potent day in June.  Not only are we honouring the New Moon in this class, we’ll also be connecting with the energy of the solar eclipse and the Winter Solstice which are all happening on this date.  Plus we’ll be celebrating International Day of Yoga!

Join us every New Moon Sunday to nurture and nourish your entire being. Each class you will be led through practices to allow for self-reflection, reconnection and renewal.

To live in harmony with the cycles of nature is to become aware of and connected to the rhythm of life. The monthly cycle of the Sun and Moon offers us space to honour the flow of life. Create fresh starts and new beginnings at the New Moon, and make decisions and observe what we’ve manifested at the Full Moon.

On the Sunday closest to each New Moon, we will guide you through practices to prepare for new beginnings, create new intentions for the coming month and honour the start of the next moon cycle.

Look forward to a nourishing and soothing class. You’ll create space for inner healing, contemplation and transformation. Counteract the heat, intensity and yang energy of life with the balance bestowed from the soft, gentle aspects of the lunar energy.

In class we’ll take time to commit or recommit to our sankalpa (intention) for the next four weeks. Class will also include practices of self massage, meditation, yoga nidra and Hatha and Yin Yoga.

We’ll finish class honouring the kula we have created through our practice by enjoying snacks and refreshments together. Kula is sanskrit for community of the heart – joining together in practice with intention and a shared sense of purpose.

Bookings are essential for this classes! Class is open to people of all levels of yoga experience, including beginners 😊

Investment is $35 and spaces are limited.

Enrolment is included for our Mala Members (subject to availability, please email us to secure your place).

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