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Coming back to centre

February 4, 2024

Life’s fluctuations can make us feel a little off-centre at times. Disconnected from ourselves and loved ones, feeling a little flat or using our precious energy in places that are not really that important.

Yoga is one of those practices you can return to time and again to reconnect with centre, that place of inner knowing and intuition. Turning inwards to quieten the noise of the outside world so you can hear your own inner wisdom speaking with clarity and truth again.

Asana is an amazing tool to consciously move the body from one plane to another, exploring the movements away from and towards centre. Parighasana, or gate pose, is a beautiful, deep side body stretch, helping to improve spine mobility, breath capacity and bring lightness to your being.

The experience of Parighasana is about coming back to centre – moving the body forward, back and side to side, and then returning to equilibrium to experience stillness within and your expansive, three-dimensional breath in the body.

And if you have Pitta dominant dosha, or a practicing within Pitta season (summer), lateral movements can also help to disperse the internal heat that has built up, helping create calm and a deep sense of centeredness mentally and physically 😌