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Why practice Yin?

December 6, 2021
Why practice Yin? Mala Yoga, O'Connor, Perth

For some, Yin is the only yoga practice they do.  Stillness, softness, feeling your body melt into the different shapes…. bliss 🥰

Other people avoid the stillness of a Yin practice.  Because it is so quiet, there’s all this space to be with your breath… or be with your constant stream of thoughts.  It can be really challenging to stay present with your breath when that is all there is to focus on.

So why practice Yin at all?

It’s the opposite of so much of what we do in life – it’s slow, passive and restorative.  Yin provides a respite from the noisy, busyness of life, a place to simply be.  

For us, we feel there are two main intentions of Yin:

  1. The physical – stretch the fascia and connective tissues
  2. The energetic – use breath to soften, quieten and enter into a meditative state

From a physical perspective, Yin is the perfect complement to any physical practice, whether that be yoga, gym or running.  We very rarely take the time to stretch the body mindfully for such long periods of time.  Yin provides that opportunity to let your body sink deep into postures to release and soften.

Yin also provides space for a quiet, contemplative practice.  Breath and mindfulness will help you relax, quieten and feel your body as you enter into a meditative state – whilst staying conscious, present and curious.

And at the end?  Deep relaxation, a sense of peace, wonderful sleep and a restored nervous system ☺️

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