Yoga and Essential Oils

Stress Support with Yoga and Essential Oils

Saturday 24 October @ 10am

Deadlines, arguments, financial concerns, an overflowing to-do list…

Stress can be found in so many areas of life, and it’s important to have tools on hand to support lowering your stress levels and balancing your mood when things get hectic.

In this interactive class, you’ll learn yoga asana (postures) and breathing techniques to find peace, calm and stability again.

You’ll learn which essential oils can help support you when life gets stressful and overwhelming.

You’ll also leave with a 10ml roller ball essential oil blend that you can use at home.

This is a hands-on, interactive class where you’ll be able to experience the power of integrating yoga and essential oils.

Pure essential oils have many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. You’ll learn how you can easily incorporate these beautiful oils into your life, so you can live low tox quickly and affordably.

Bookings are essential at our website – your investment is $20 for this 75 minute class ($10 for Mala Members and Mala – the art of wellness community members).

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