About Us

Here at Mala, we are proud to acknowledge the formal training qualifications of our professional teaching team, we celebrate their dedication to yoga and recognise their wonderful diversity of knowledge and experience.

Of course, it is you, our cherished students, who are at the core of why Mala Yoga exists.

That is why we are offering unique and exciting learning options, available to view on our Class Menu.

Our small class sizes allow for individual attention to ensure your continuing progress in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our colours are ocean and sunset, they inspire us to respectfully enjoy nature’s true wonder, reminding us that the continuing cycle of evolution connects us with all living beings.

The Art of Yoga

Mala, the art of yoga, offers a personal journey through which we are continually improving our techniques and deepening our understanding.

We seek from inspiration our materials are our mind, body and beliefs.  We do our best to care for them.

Our art requires emotional involvement, quiet contemplation and some action.  We can practice alone or with others, inside or in nature.

We are patient with ourselves, by living consciously and compassionately.

We are ambassadors for our art, naturally sharing the benefits of our practice.

In peace we grow strong, yet humble;  confident, yet appreciative.

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