It’s important to honour the external and internal shifts as we move from season to season, and coming up on 20 March is the Autumn Equinox, one of two moments in the year where day and night are equal. A balanced moment in time as we begin our journey into autumn 🍁

Ayurveda attributes certain qualities to everything that we share our planet with, and autumn is seen as dry, rough, windy, erratic, cool and subtle.

There’s the variable weather, some hot days still sneaking in as our environment gradually begins to cool down. The wind can feel a little chilly, especially at night and you may begin to notice nature’s delicate changes ☀️

To counteract these qualities of vata, it’s important to draw in the balancing qualities to create stability – warmth, grounding, nourishment, heartfelt relationships and a sense of routine.

Balancing vata means connecting with deep, restful forward bends, and a beautiful asana to introduce into your practice this season is Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide Legged Forward Bend).

Slowing down the breath to soothe the nervous system and focusing on stillness, stability and support ❤️