Mala Masterclass

February Masterclass 

Spinal Movement and Backbends

Friday 22 February @ 6pm

In this month’s Masterclass we will be exploring the different movements of the spine – forwards, backwards, sideways and twists!

During class we’ll move through asana (postures) to warm up the spine, finding freedom and movement in a range of directions. We will then focus on areas that we need to open up to move into backbends – shoulders, hip flexors, quadriceps and more.

We will explore a variety of backbends to find the asana that is suitable for your practice – opening the heart with support and spaciousness.

And finally, release and relax into a wonderful savasana!

Bookings are essential for this Masterclass!

Investment is $35 and spaces are limited.

Enrolment is included for our Mala Members (please email us to secure your place).

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