Mala Masterclass

Quieten the Mind: Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Friday 18 October @ 6pm

There is so much information for us to process in our modern life. Email, tv, social media, advertising… it can create an environment that is quite overwhelming and overstimulating for our being.

This month’s Masterclass will focus on quietening the mind. We’ll move through restorative postures to relax the body, learn mindfulness and meditation techniques to help calm the mind, and finish with a delightful yoga nidra. You will float out of class calm and tranquil ❤️

Have you heard of yoga nidra before? Yoga nidra is known as yogic sleep. You will be guided through a visualisation that takes you to a state of deep relaxation. A state somewhere between waking and sleeping whilst still being fully conscious.

One of the things we love most about yoga nidra is the peace and quietness afterwards. Feelings of stress, tension and anxiousness seem to melt away. And sleep that night is always amazing 😊

Bookings are essential for this Masterclass! Class is open to people of all levels of yoga experience, including beginners 😊

Investment is $35 and spaces are limited.

Enrolment is included for our Mala Members (please email us to secure your place).

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